Decompressing for the Holidays Greg Lindberg offers Tips on Getting a Breather


The holiday season is a joyous time and a hectic time, too. It is unfortunate that many people cannot fully enjoy the holidays, just like those in a Hallmark movie, because they are unable to handle some pretty significant stress-related events that the season also brings. From holiday shopping, and battling the crowds, to planning the annual Christmas party, and buying those perfect gifts, there’s a reason why people reach for – and “spike” – the eggnog this time of year.

No stranger to stress, Greg Lindberg provides the following tips in order to avoid holiday season depression:

Make Some Time for Yourself: This is the most important thing to do, says Greg Lindberg.  Schedule time for you and you alone! Set aside an hour or two, three times a week, and go to the gym, get a massage, or do an activity that will make you feel healthy and happy.

Take a Hike: So long as the weather holds out, Greg Lindberg suggests taking a hike, walk, or other outdoor activity that will put you out in the sun. Since days are shorter during the holidays, there’s less of an opportunity to get some sun. Indeed, seasonal affective disorder is a common problem that can be remedied by being outside, some.

Avoid Overeating or Overdrinking: One of the biggest issues associated with the holidays is overconsumption. Temptation to indulge is greatly increased, given holiday parties and other festive events that will have cookies, comfort foods, and plenty of alcoholic beverages. The key is to partake in moderation. By going overboard with food and drink, you may feel worse in the end. Do enjoy yourself, but watch out, before it’s too late.

Get Plenty of Sleep: Too much “cheer” can affect your sleep cycle, since sleep is the opportunity for the body to heal itself.  Getting several days of little sleep will affect your mood, hurt your performance at work, and may even cause you to overeat. Maintain a healthy sleep environment, by aiming for 7-8 hours of sleep every night in order to keep your mood up over the holidays.

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